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In addition to their beauty and timelessness, they represent what nature gives us in the most beautiful way. With meanings as disparate as the celebration of a birth or mourning someoneĀ“s passing; depending on the type of flower or even color, so is its meaning. So, we have:

White Flowers: In most cases represent innocence but may also represent death.
Red Flowers: Normally mean vitality, but can also symbolize bloodshed.
Blue Flowers: Symbolizes devotion, and / or something secret.

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Azalea: Moderation, temperance. Cornflower: Delicate, refined. Carnation: Loyalty, love. Dandelion: Freedom and purity. Cherry Blossom: Means feminine beauty and spiritual beauty. For the Chinese is a symbol of love, but for the Japanese is said to symbolize the transience of life, it is a flower that lives shortly. Gardenia: Refinement, elegance. Geranium: Gentleness, peace of mind. Gypsophila: Pure heart. Sunflower: Loyalty, adoration. Hibiscus: Delicate beauty,"consumed by love." Hydrangea: Egocentric, cold, heartless. Jasmine: Happiness. Honeysuckle: Loving bonds. Daisy: Innocence, fidelity, purity, faith. Mertensia: Patience, regret, sadness. Narcissus: Disappointment, unrequited love, faith. Peony: Anger. Tulip: Charm. Violet: Fidelity, modesty. Zinnia: Missing a friend who is far away.

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